Responsible Production

We, Karafiber, as a newly established MMCF manufacturer in Turkey, by proactively joining the CanopyStyle initiative, committed ourselves to protecting ancient and endangered forests by ensuring that our raw material does not come from these forests and plantations. See our Fibre Sourcing Policy and CanopyStyle Assessment Report.
The wood pulp used for Lyocell production in Karafiber comes exclusively from forests through preferring suppliers with FSC™  certification.
To be able to assess the risks of the existing supply chain of wood pulp and fiber, we use tools such as ForestMapper, the Advice Note on Ancient and Endangered Forest Sourcing and the Dissolving Pulp Mills Classification.
We also support the CanopyStyle Next Generation Vision for Viscose. In order to proportionally contribute to the collective goal whereby 20% of all man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF) produced (or 1.38 million tons) is made from Next Generation feedstock content, we have been collaborating with Canopy, brands, suppliers and innovators for increasing the use of alternative fibres within our current facility.
To be able to support Next Generation Solutions,